Structural Glass Staircase January
11 Jan
January 11, 2015
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Structural Glass Staircase January

Only 11 days in and we at DAG have been busy on staircases. Structural glass staircases are always a challenge; strength is crucial but so is aesthetics.

The first job of 2015, seemed challenging enough. The treads bolted to structural toughened glass. We at DAG managed to get the number of panels down to a minimum. A clean expanse of glass. That crisp effect. We don’t settle for less than ultimate glass chic. This job set 2015 off to a bang.

We are very happy with this project so far. What do you think?

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structural glass staircase

Right, with this smoothly underway, we were off to the next staircase. Curved glass staircase was specified. Easy enough. We weren’t however anticipating a spiral glass staircase from ground to second floor. The radius of the staircase had already been set. Now glass can be toughened and curved but we at DAG like to minimise the number of glass panes. No one wants a joint line every tread.

This structural glass staircase was a lot more of a challenge to the first one of the year. Working closely with our factory in North London and after a template run, we were able to create a curve with an angle we never thought possible. With one floor in already. We are hoping that the staircase should be finished by the end of the week and we couldn’t be more chuffed.So if you’re looking for a design solution to a glass staircase, make sure you contact us.Already we have achieved so much to proud of in 2015. Here is to a good year.