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We are the number 1 Backlit glass suppliers for the UK. Backlit glass is becoming increasingly popular and is now frequently being used as a building material.  Our design team have been specialising in these applications for over 20 years. We love a challenge!

Decorative Glass Wall

At DAG Inter Ltd we offer a vast range of decorative backlit glass products which can be used for a number of architectural glass applications such as glass balustrades, partitioning, wall cladding and decorative glass flooring. We offer many types of backlighting and different types of decorative glass products.


Is decorative Backlit Glass safe?

Yes absolutely! Our decorative backlit glass technologies are the safest and most practical ways of creating decorative glass without losing any the safety aspects. When used in buildings, decorative glass is often of a safety type which is either reinforced, toughened or laminated glass.

All of our architectural decorative backlit glass products have been tested and passed for 100% adhesion and comply with building regulations.

We generally backlit all our glass applications with our in house Lighting technology products 8mm LED pads. The largest size we offer is 1.5m x 3m. However we do have other solutions to achieve the desired effects.

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backlit glass suppliers

Low Iron or Clear Toughened Backlit Glass?

backlit glass suppliers

We are the best backlit glass suppliers. Typical glass we offer is Clear Toughened, Low Iron Toughened, Coated Glass and Standard Laminated glass for our backlit solutions.

We have discovered that if you use satin glass to rear this helps transmit an even glow for the glass. We have recently launched our new backlit glass technology Glass stone images. The results are amazing and so cost effective.

We have found that the images depth and are so realistic looking. Ask the team about these products.

All of our products have been tested to BS EN 6206/12600 Grade A safety standards

To find out more about each of our unique decorative glass products, please use the drop down product menu tabs or contact us via email or phone.

Our team are friendly and will always offer the best advice for the project budget depending. Why don’t you contact the most professional backlit glass suppliers in the United Kingdom.