Backlit Onyx
25 Feb
February 25, 2014
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Backlit Onyx

Working in Europe again with backlit onyx. When DAG Inter Ltd were offered the chance to work on a project in Cyprus using backlit onyx , we jumped at the chance. Everyone loves a bit of sunshine. Our project: a feature wall.DAG were about to showcase their work in a private residential new build in Larnaka, Cyprus.Crunch Time.The best of the best of our install team flew out late Wednesday night for this onyx install.
Thursday morning. Preparation.

Next came the install of the backlit stone glass panels. Play time. This is our favourite part of the job.

Amazing effects with Backlit Onyx.

Onyx and seeing this beautiful stone create amazing effects in any environment.

backlit onyx

This is the 8th time DAG have left their mark abroad and it sure won’t be our last. As a company we love to supply and install into any residential property in the UK or abroad. We are the leading specialists in backlit onyx supply and install.

Everyone in the business will know that no install goes smoothly, so it is at this chance that we must say a big thank you to George, main contractor who helped with the install of the backlit onyx. Who knows how long it would have taken our guys to overcome the language barrier? Here’s to working with you again.

Amazing to work with Backlit Onyx.

If you like what you have seen with backlit onyx please contact us to find out more about our backlit onyx products and installations.