Bespoke Bathrooms with Decorative Glass
31 Mar
March 31, 2015
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Bespoke Bathrooms with Decorative Glass

Clients are using bespoke Bathrooms with Decorative Glass.

When you think of decorative architectural glass work for your home, what do you think of? Maybe the balustrades to the staircase, maybe the splash backs in your kitchen. What about your shower screens? We have notice more and more clients are using bespoke Bathrooms with Decorative Glass.

Too often we work on residential projects where the client has had their bathrooms re done with designer stone bath tubs and the latest waterfall showers but then completed the look with an off the shelf shower screen. Made do with a little too short or an extra panel to bridge the gap.

Measuring for bespoke Bathrooms with Decorative Glass.

Once DAG have whipped around with a tape measure, we are able to produce bespoke pieces that can be as tall as you like, as short as you like and with as many or as little panels as you like. With a door swing inwards, outwards, frosted or completely transparent or with a decorative PVB layer to match the existing colour scheme; proving that a shower screen isn’t just a shower screen but a decorative architectural glass cherry on the top.

Why not try your Bespoke Bathrooms with Decorative Glass.

Remember glass doesn’t have to just be limited to a splash back. Don’t forget a glass feature wall is just as effective as tiling in the bathroom but far more aesthetically pleasing.

We provide a supply and fit service with a quick turnaround and would love to discuss ideas with you. Please contact us.