Decorative Glass
19 Jun
June 19, 2013
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Decorative Glass.

Decorative glass, Sublistyle is one of the most advanced glass technologies that we use at DAG Inter Ltd. This glass technology also makes it possible to create transparent colour fade encapsulated between safety glass. Sublistyle offers great design potential and unlimited design combinations making it an ideal decorative glass product for interior designers and architects to use.

The process allows for striking bold colours that can range from a transparent finish to an opaque look. Sublistyle can also be backlit to achieve a dramatic and striking feature. The image below shows Sublistyle decorative glass panels being used in a residential bathroom. The panels have been backlit and the finished result is magnificent.

Commerical space using Decorative Glass.

Sublistyle is also perfect to brighten up commercial spaces. It makes great decorative glass doors and partitions. Sublistyle is also ideal for glass flooring and glass stairs.

Decorative glass using Sublistyle is ideal for both internal and external glass applications and is extremely durable.

Why Decorative Glass- Sublistyle glass?

Typically, Sublistyle is used with laminated safety glass to meet glazing safety standards. It also offers the end user UV protection, brilliant colour resolution and excellent safety aspects.

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