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DAG Inter New Glass Installation in Ebbsfleet, Kent
09 Nov
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November 9, 2017
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Frameless Glass Installation – Ebbsfleet Kent

DAG Inter were very proud to deliver a new glass balustrade installation in Ebbsfleet in Kent just last month.

frameless glass balustrades kentMarketing Suite Glass Installation

As part of the development of the Ebbsfleet area, a new marketing suite has been established in order to act as a hub for the new homes and development taking place in the area.

Our client wanted a marketing suite which will wow clients as they arrive and part of the design included a stunning frameless glass balustrade.

The initial brief was to design a balustrade system for the brand new marketing suite, comprising of frameless glass with no handrail – a truly contemporary look in glass design.

However, as the glass installation project evolved, so did the specification, and so a handrail was introduced.

The Safest Glass Balustrade Installation in Kent!

Our client wished to incorporate a handrail for the safety aspect but keeping the design modern and minimalistic. We therefore devised using a slimline handrail alongside 21.5mm laminated safety glass – achieving a stunning looking result!

Frameless Balustrade Kent


This frameless glass system offers the unique combination of contemporary style with ultimate safety, and actually offers a unique 1.5kn/m2 safety rating – making it the strongest system available, and perfect for a marketing suite which will be used by both staff and members of the public alike.

With our newly specified brief, we set about installing the glass balustrade project!

Durable glass panelsOur expert team delivered all of the glass channels to the marketing suite – no mean feat when we are talking about large panels, a muddy site and a rainy day in Kent!

However, our experts know just how to handle glass (unlike other suppliers), and all of the panels were delivered safely.

The glass channels were bolted down into steel every 200mm to ensure strength and durability. We always ensure that our frameless glass balustrades are built to last!

We then glazed the 21.5mm interlayer glass panels – further strengthening the glass and ensuring that the entire installation is safe and durable. All our glass are Pilkington products so rest assure we only use the best glass products for our clients .

Stunning Frameless Glass Balustrade in Kent

The end result of this project was stunning. Combined with a great space, quality flooring and decor, the frameless glass balustrade is certainly the centrepiece of the Kent based marketing suite! Allowing light to flood into the space  – our glass installation was exceptionally well received by our client and we are sure it will be talking point for those using the marketing suite too!

Frameless Glass Installation for Marketing Suites

Marketing suite glass installation

Thanks to the excellent feedback from our client – we have already taken on two similar orders!

If you are looking to make your marketing suite, or showroom stand out from your competitors – why not consider a frameless glass design. Whether you want to brighten up a space, showcase a light and airy space, or perhaps wow your clients, we can assist. From glass staircases to backlit glass designs, our glass experts are able to consult with you to bring your ideas to life.

We seamlessly blend design with durability and safety, ensuring that you end up with a stunning glass product that is assured to make you stand out from the crowd!


Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion and see how we can help with your marketing suite glass design.

If you like this blog and want to follow us more please follow our pages on facebook or Instagram. Our Social links are on the site page. We have some lovely images of our glass projects and clients reviews so please have a look! We are proud of our works and the relationships we have with our clients. We are the number 1 frameless glass balustrades suppliers Kent.



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