Manufacture and install of fire rated mesh glass
22 Apr
April 22, 2013
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Manufacture and install of fire rated mesh glass

Fire rated Mesh glass panels are one of the lat­est innovations from DAG Inter Ltd. This development has allowed us to bring back many of our finer and more del­i­cate meshes back into residential architecture. Not only is this mesh glass decorative it acts as a 30 minute insulation and integrity.

DAG Inter Ltd create decorative mesh glass that carries a warranty for 30 minute fire rating. Mesh glass com­bines trans­parency, rigid­ity and the encap­su­lat­ing qual­i­ties of fire rated glass, with the depth, added strength and the dec­o­ra­tive qual­i­ties.

On this particular project our client asked for mesh laminated glass that gave translucency, that would sparkle with a fine detail when back-lit by the natural sun. However, it had to be a fire rate of 30 minute insulation. The decision was to use a tensing bronze mesh glass using Schott fire rated glass panels.

How to Manufacture and install of fire rated mesh glass.

To manufacture this fire rated glass mesh panel we laminated 2 x 6mm Pyron Toughened Schott glass using a tensing bronze mesh. The overall thickness became 17.5mm safety laminate.

The following images are the process we undertook to prepare the mesh glass for lamination. We always quality control the mesh first to ensure no natural flaws are in the material. Mesh is a difficult product to work with but the end results are of a kind.

The tensing bronze mesh had great detail and was in perfect condition.

Mesh glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. The end-user enjoys all the ben­e­fits one would asso­ciate with lam­i­nated glass includ­ing UV Pro­tec­tion and solar/temperature con­trol of the environment.

We embed our mesh inside sheets of PVB lam­i­nated fire rated glass. Lam­i­nated safety glass con­sists of multi-layered sand­wich of glass with a spe­cial grade of PVB. Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) ensures adhe­sion, acoustic and impact tough­ness. We make sure there are 2 x layers of PVB either side of the tensing bronze mesh. This gives better adhesion results. The result is that the glass holds together after acci­den­tal damage.

We have to cut away the PVB first then the mesh to ensure no movement has occurred inside the glass prior to lamination.

We laminate using a heat box system that produces pressure, heat and vacuum.

Glass splashback panels can be used in all applications where the vibrancy of coloured glass is combined with the performance of the safety glass. The safety glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. The end user enjoys all the benefits one would associate with glass. It is the best way to brighten any space in your house. All our glass has been tested to BS EN 6206/12600 Grade A safety standards.

Manufacture and install of fire rated mesh glass, is it safe?

The lam­i­nated glass has been tested to BS EN 6206/12600 Grade A safety standards. All the glass is fireated and certified.

Glass is now ready for installation at the private residence.

The mesh glass has been installed inside another fire rated frame system that will give additional protection in the event of a fire.

The tensing bronze mesh allows so much light to pass but also gives privacy to the home owners.

As one of the leading glass suppliers in the UK we can provide a range of Mesh Glass and other decorative glass products, so not only will your glass be safe, but also decorative. To find out more on the types of decorative glass we offer please contact us.