Not Your Typical Structural Frosted Laminated Double Glazed Unit
09 Sep
September 9, 2014
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Not Your Typical Structural Frosted Laminated Double Glazed Unit

One thing that we are very proud of here at DAG, is our ability to make one off bespoke designs for anyone. We mean anyone. We mean making glass designs and installations in the private residential home and not just commercial large scale projects.

Earlier in the year, we were asked to channel our inner Scarpa (some fancy Italian architect of years gone by, yes we knew who he was) by removing the corner of a room and replacing it with glass. Taking a corner away from a building compromises its structural integrity but we had never been asked to come up with this corner roof light design and we like a good challenge. This corner unit wasn’t large in size, it wasn’t for many rooms. It was a lot of work for a one off project, but we were intrigued.

Good design needs to be functional. It needs to have a longevity to it. So our solution, first was to create a structural unit that would take the load of removing the corner. Once we had created this structure, we had to hide it. No one wants the simplicity of glass, with the intermittent rays of sunshine and shadows created from its structure. The structure had to be within the double glazed unit, or at least appear to be.

A good project offers a challenge. Progression can only be made when new technologies and methods are used. We are very happy with the end project and are delighted to say so were our clients. We would probably be bullied by the guys in the trade if we used the word chic but the atmosphere this corner unit created was sophisticated and subtle, yet distinctive.

Not your standard structural frosted laminated double glazed unit.

A classic.