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Using decorative glass in the home
10 Sep
September 10, 2015
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Using decorative glass in the home

Decorative glass is fast becoming one of the most used building materials throughout the world. Using decorative glass in the home is also becoming a favourite with interior designers and architects due to its design versatility and the ability to create something unique and bespoke in a client’s home and can be used in all rooms of a building.

Starting with the kitchen, the heart of most residential homes. Decorative glass or Back Painted glass is often used as glass kitchen splashbacks and worktops. This allows people to either add a bright splash of colour to their kitchen, use a family picture to add the personal touch or even a more subtle colour to add something unique.

Using decorative glass in the home, Is it easy to clean?

Not only does using back painted glass in a kitchen offer an almost unlimited choice of design options it also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, a sure bonus in a busy family home.

Decorative glass is also often featured in a bathroom to not only add a decorative feature, but also to add extra privacy. Using Frosted Glass can add privacy to any room without reducing the amount of natural light shining through. Decorative glass can also be used as wall cladding in a bathroom to add something unique, again with the benefits of easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Decorative glass can also create bespoke stairs and balustrades in the home. Using toughened glass will make your stairs and balustrades safe without compromising on the design aspect.

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It is also becoming increasingly popular to have decorative glass flooring and doors in the home. Frosted glass can be used to add privacy to any internal glass door or glass film to add a decorative element.

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The use of glass within the house, in recent years, has become unlimited. From structural glass walls, floors and stairs to decorative iconic features. The best thing is each design can be tailored made from scratch to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Contact us today to find out the different decorative glass options available of use in the residential home.