Coloured Glass Splashbacks Medway, Parkwood, Gillingham, Rochester

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Coloured Glass Splashbacks Medway, Parkwood, Gillingham, Rochester

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How Coloured Glass Splashbacks offered by Dag Inter Ltd, helps you to make your kitchen look beautiful and modern?

Since 2010, DAG Inter ltd has been the leading company who introduced new glass technologies to the UK with their main expertise lying in kitchen glass splash backs. At DAG Inter we create beautiful decor solutions in coloured glass for use as kitchen splash backs. We have availablity in a huge range of tone and colour finishes. We are also specialist in coloured glass splash backs for kitchens and bathroom wall cladding. You can make your kitchen look beautiful by installing our glass splash backs. If you want to create a perfect blend with your décor we will help you by providing you glass panels of any colour you desire. Furthermore, all of our panels are made from toughened safety glass, to comply with the British Standards of durability and resilience. At last! A surface that is easy to clean, adding beauty and color to your kitchen. DAG Inter textured glass are glass leaders in the design, manufacture, and installation of all glass things. Contact us today!

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Coloured Glass Splashbacks: So that your kitchen stand out.

DAG Inter also uses coloured glass splash backs which can be used both in commercial and residential areas to make your home or workplace look unique and beautiful. Made out of the finest technologies and delicate glass, Glass splash backs are just the new addition you need to make your home or office stand out and be the main focus of attention for everyone who sees it.

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We will help you to choose right color for right environment

If you are confused with the right color for your environment just consult us we will not only help you to choose the right color for your environment but also guide you throughout the installation process.

What makes Coloured Glass Splashbacks offered by Dag Inter so great?

Some of the advantages of installing glass splash backs are that they are extremely easy to clean so that you don’t have to worry about a spot that looks like it won’t go away because it surely will. Secondly, the glass is very durable and is heat resistant so therefore it can perfectly fit into the kitchen to make it look vibrant and different.

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Are Glass Splashbacks safe?

One of the main issues that many clients ask is whether the glass splash backs are safe. Well, the answer is a big YES. DAG Inter ltd.’s Glass splash backs are complete as the safety glass is strong, secure and has low maintenance. So, therefore, whether you want to renovate your house or want your office to be featured in the top architecture magazines and websites or you just want your office and house to look absolutely stunning; glass splash backs are the way to do it. Not only do they give the entire place an amazing look they are also extremely manageable and safe.

Purple kitchen Glass Splashbacks: Why it's the best thing to ever happen?

Currently, DAG Inter offers translucent, transparent and opaque design finishes. The glass can be used for swimming pools, wall cladding, and facades. Many clients residing in Medway Kent prefer DAG Inter glass splash backs due to the fact that they have been manufactured using the safest and practical glass. The glass is also laminated or toughened up so that there is no risk of it becoming dangerous. The glass has also been approved by building regulations and DAG Inter does not compromise on safety that is why it has been trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide.

Client diaries: The only review you need.

DAG Inter recently had a client in Medway Kent, who was looking to change the look for their kitchen. We gave them purple kitchen glass splash back which looks extremely unique and also makes the kitchen looks exquisite. DAG Inter carefully looked at the kitchen location and sat down with the client to discuss exactly what she had in mind. In the end, purple kitchen glass splash back was the decided color which was finalized after looking at various other colors presented by DAG Inter. Since the glass is created using the finest technology and glass, there is no risk of the wall becoming dirty or dangerous due to its location in the kitchen. The client was extremely happy with the job that DAG Inter had done for them and was extremely thrilled that the company made her kitchen look exactly the way she wanted it to look. They have recommended DAG Inter and its designs to many of her family and friends as she has had us a pleasant experience with DAG Ltd.

So, you get to enjoy the beauty with comfort.

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