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Frameless Glass Balustrades Suppliers Kent

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Frameless Glass Balustrades Suppliers kent


Amazing supplied and fitted Glass Balustrades. We are qualified installers with 40+ years of experience.  Number 1 Frameless Glass Balustrades Suppliers Kent. All our Glass is Toughened safety glass we also include heatsoaked glass to ensure no possibilities of failure.

Ask the team about this process!

We are slowly becoming the leaders in this field. We have just completed another project down on the kent coast. The location is Deal and the client is over the moon with the results. We were approached by an existing client who has just purchased a lovely apartment which is right on the coast of Kent. They have converted a the roof top area to become a social area for family and friends for the sunny evenings, as this part of kent offers warm temperatures in the summer months. These types of projects we enjoy and love to design and install.

The client said “its up to you” as they trust our team to offer the right design and finish.  A member of the team went to site and did a quick survey. Craig came up with the design. Structural Frameless Glass with 2 side safety glass returns. Approx. 15 meters. This meant part of the side post structure needed to be emended into the roof. We sent our drawings to the client and they approved instantly. Great news and we were off.

We made a 10mm steel plate so we could bolt the glass to a front structure. We had decided to use a pig nose bolt system that will support 21.5mm EVA laminated toughened glass. We also, are going to heat soak the glass to reduce any risk of Nickle sulphide inclusions. Normal toughened glass can experience failures from this process only. Its best to be safe than sorry. We also offer EVA interlayers to ensure no delamination of the glass in the near future. If you want to understand more about these finishes contact our team.

We fitted the steel plate and templated for the glass . The day was a planned success. If you want to call us to understand more about Frameless Glass Balustrades Suppliers Kent, our details are at the bottom of the page.

frameless glass balustrade suppliers kent
frameless glass balustrade suppliers kent

Frameless glass balustrades Kent Supplied and fitted

Drawings were produced and the glass was being manufactured. Lead-times are generally 2-3 weeks. So we planned the return visit. The team are hoping for glorious sunshine when we go back.


frameless glass balustrade suppliers kent
frameless glass balustrade suppliers kent

Amazing results using External Frameless Glass Balustrades kent!

The glass was delivered in the morning and by the afternoon we had glazed all the front glass. The alignment was perfect. The front barrier was complete.  We always use pilkingtons glass to ensure quality and great clarity. Perfect for this project. We also added a solid frit to the lower part of the glass to ensure you couldn’t see the plates. We choose a colour that would blend with the surroundings.

frameless glass balustrade suppliers kent

21.5mm Frameless Glass Balustrades!

We then had to remove part of the roof to install a vertical post. Firstly we removed the tiles and then set the structural plates to allow a good structural fixing. Our skilled team installed the posts and replaced the tiles and added EPDM below the tiles and lower part of the post. This ensures the roof again was water tight.

The side return glass will be clamp either side using a 17.5mm thick glass. This part was tricky but we managed to achieve the design we had proposed to the client.

As you can see from the images the project looks fantastic. Clean, safe and structural. The team was happy and so was the client.

The results were amazing and now the client wants a professional photo shoot done of her property. Happy days!

We are becoming the leaders as the Frameless Glass Balustrades Suppliers Kent.

frameless glass balustrade suppliers kent

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frameless glass balustrades


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We are the number 1 frameless glass balustrades suppliers Kent. 


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