Frameless Glass Balustrade Internal Staircase Herne bay

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Frameless Glass Balustrade Internal Staircase Herne bay

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Frameless Glass Balustrade internal staircase Herne bay

Number 1 Experts in Frameless Glass Balustrades Herne Bay. We all desire to have a well-designed modern house in the current era. More and more in Herne bay Kent, the use of Frameless glass balustrade staircase on stairs is becoming the latest trend which makes your home look modern. These  glass balustrades staircase  allows light to illuminate the dark corners of your house. This natural light will save you from having other light source for those areas. We are specialist at offering the quality Frameless Glass Balustrade Staircase. Herne bay experts. We will provide you with unique glass to give beauty of your stairs that you have desired for long. We are located here in Gillingham, and service all the Seaside towns in Kent, South East England.

frameless glass balustrade internal staircase herne bay

Wonderful Frameless Glass Balustrades Staircase

As you can see, Frameless Glass balustrade staircase makes house beautiful and attractive. The use of these  Glass balustrades enhances the safety and security of your friend. Any glass panel you choose from us will serve you for long time because they are hard and durable. Our reputation is growing as the best supplier Frameless Glass Balustrade Internal Staircase Herne bay.

Most clients choose us because we meet their desire of having beautiful home. Our glass panels are of good quality and our prices are relatively affordable.

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glass staircase kent

How much are Frameless Glass Balustrades?

As you can see, a house installed with frameless glass balustrade on stairs look neat and attractive. Most customers ask for installation after they buy Glass balustrade staircase  from the number 1 experts.

Our installation is easy because we use straight and transparent glass panels.

We start our installation by first measuring the length and width of your stairs. Then we cut and toughen the glass balustrades   into sizes that match stairs. We place those glass using scaffold because they are large and heavy and need to be handled with care. Those long are placed on length side. The shorter glass panels are placed on shorter side of the stairs.  We are specialist in installing frameless glass.

We make sure that the glass panels are installed in a way that they enhance their brightness and visibility. This makes them look beautiful. They decorate your house to an extent of welcoming your visitors.

Frameless Glass Solutions are around £400-£500 per liner meter with installation costed after a site survey.

frameless glass balustrade internal staircase herne bay

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