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Frameless Glass Juliet Balcony

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Quality Frameless Juliet Balcony

DAG Inter LTD brings you the best Frameless Glass Juliet balcony here at Kent. Juliet balconies protects a higher opening in your house. It makes sure that things don’t fall off through that opening. Traditionally iron gates were applied but now glass is used. Framed or Frameless Designs.

Frameless glass Juliet balconies brings beauty to your home. It comes in different sizes to ensure that it fits most openings of different sizes. The different sizes makes it easy to install since no more fittings are required.

DAG Inter LTD offers you frameless glass Juliet balconies Kent of different colours.

This ensures that your beauty colour is considered to match your home. For instance, silver, bronze among others.  Frameless Glass Juliet balcony helps your house get the natural light from outside as well as you enjoying the natural view while in your house. How sweet is that?

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Kent is one of the prominent county in England. It is located at the south east of England, about 41 miles from London. Here we offer frameless glass Juliet balconies Kent to the residents. Our glazing experts makes sure that installation is done perfectly to give you the beauty that you desire.

DAG Inter LTD experts install Juliet balconies to give you the benefits from it. Frameless glass Juliet balconies Kent allows light into your house. The rooms that are direct to this higher opening gets direct light from outside. This reduces the cost for having lights on during the day. The transparent glass Juliet balconies gives you a wide natural view from your house. This gives you a chance to enjoy nature from your home. You can see the green vegetation and wild animal if around your home right from your house. The material used to make these glasses need no maintenance. Just a mere cleaning after sometime. Modern Juliet balconies improve the outlook beauty of your house. Well installed frameless glass Juliet balconies Kent looks very beautiful. It makes your house look more luxuries than usual. It can also be used in areas which are corrosive and serve you for long period of time.

Experts in Glazing Glass Balconies

DAG glazing experts are the most experienced when it comes to frameless glass Juliet balconies Kent installation. We start the whole process by taking the measurement of your balcony so that we can supply you with the correct sizes. This ensures easy installation during the actual process. By use of anchor rods and chemfix, we drill and tap brackets to ensure angles match to each other. We place the frameless glass into carrier and lock wedges. By use of adjusting tool, we tilt the carrier about 20mm to adjust each side.  After the glass panels are completely aligned, we then use the combi tool to lock the wedges. After all that, we fix our gasket and finish our installation process.

DAG Inter LTD is the number 1 supplier of frameless glass Juliet balconies Kent. For more information on purchasing and installation process, visit DAG Inter LTD and our team of experts will attend you.

Why DAG Inter Ltd for your Glass Juliet Balcony

With Over 20 years experience we can offer so many more finishes or glass systems.  We specialise in framed glass balconies. We also offer Glass Balustrades for your external or internal homes.


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