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Glass Balustrade installers Kent

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Are you looking for Glass Balustrade Installers Kent?

Dag Inter Ltd, Kent’s leading Glass Balustrade Installers kent, have again demonstrated their commitment to providing only the highest quality furnishings with a reconstruction job for a client who needed help.

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The client in question is a high-end property developer based in Kent who had built a beautiful show home to exhibit their stunning interior design and potential dwellings for customers. Installed within this show home was a glossy wooden slat staircase leading up to the first floor. Unfortunately, the property developer had hired a contractor without seeking recommendations or reviews and double-checking credentials. It became apparent once the staircase had been installed that there was a real issue – the spaces between slats were too far apart for comfortable use, and, even worse; they were in breach of health and safety regulations as a result. The slats were 140mm apart, and the legal requirements only allow 80mm! Needless to say, this had been somewhat of a botch job done by a contractor with small experience. School boy error as we say in the team!

Of course, in business, time is money. The property developer needed this resolved urgently so that potential customers could view the show home and use it to help nurture their buying decisions. Thankfully, once having checked credentials and recommendations, it was clear who to turn to: Dag Inter Ltd. As the number 1 Glass Balustrade Installers Kent we knew what to offer!  We love glass balustrades and our professional systems. To find out more contact us! We have some much knowledge in our office to share with you.

glass balustrade installers kent
glass balustrade installers kent

Number 1 Experts for Glass Balustrade Installers Kent!

Dag Inter Ltd set to work quickly on what wasn’t an easy reconstruction job. Space was restricted, but it was clear that in order to comply with the relevant building regulations – and safeguard everyone who used the staircase – that the best resolution would be to install a glass balustrade to ‘bridge’ the gaps and maintain the sleek and elegant appearance of it.

The space around the staircase was limited, but recognising the importance of aesthetics in this case, Dag Inter Ltd took on the challenge of installing the highest quality and largest possible size of glass to lessen the amount of join lines visible. Using 17.5mm toughened glass for security and strength, the glass connectors and top and bottom channels were robust but polished and glistening. Not only did the glass improve the safety of the staircase, it really gave it the ‘wow factor’ which it had lacked previously. We only use Pilkington glass products for these installs as we feel they give the best clarity. We always think of whats best for our clients. Hence why we are the glass balustrade installers kent experts!

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glass balustrade installers kent
glass balustrade installers kent

Why DAG Inter as the Glass Balustrade Installers Kent?

The property developers were thrilled with the repair and able to open the show home much quicker than anticipated. More importantly, Dag Inter Ltd’s unrivalled experience and knowledge in the health and safety building regulations allowed them to feature a staircase that didn’t just look great but was entirely secure and a fantastic example to others. This positively elevated the property developer’s reputation as a brand to trust and lead by example.

Dag Inter Ltd always ensures that their work is compliant with all UK building regulations and are happy to advise all on the best and most secure ways to install stunning glass balustrade. Get in contact with our team today to discuss your requirements or reconstructive issues.

glass balustrade installers kent


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