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Frameless Glass Balustrade Walls Suppliers Kent!

Best Frameless Glass Balustrade walls suppliers Kent. We are leading at planning, supplying, and installation of Frameless Glass Balustrade into our customer’s homes. We are here to ensure that our clients enjoy the beauty of theirs homes by installing the most quality Glass Balustrades.  Many of our clients here in Kent choose us because we satisfy their desires. We ensure that the Frameless walls that we supply to our clients are quite durable. Once purchased can serve the customer for decades.

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frameless glass balustrade walls kent

Best Glass Balustrade walls

We offer frameless glass balustrades of versatile designs to ensure that the glass wall looks beautiful in any style of your house, especially when it is secured by superb glass protection screens. We are the best here in Kent because we don’t just supply, we still install your frameless glass balustrades here in Kent and leave your home at the beauty you dreamt of. At client’s interest, we may start at planning your home and then supply and install your structure with frameless glass walls that fit it.

Here at Kent, we start by setting up the structure in a drawing. We fix all the frameless glass balustrades in a drawing the way they should be installed in a real building. This gives our clients the outlook of what they expect their building to look like. It gives our clients expectation of beauty in realty. By the use this drawing, we can estimate the cost to be incurred on the building, the skill that makes us the best here at Kent.

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frameless glass balustrade walls kent

Here in Kent, we start our installation my first taking the measurements of the site to ensure accuracy during frameless glass walls fixing. Using anchor rods and chemfix, we then drill and tapped all the brackets to ensure the correct angles, we carefully lower the frameless glass panels into the carrier followed by a locking wedge. Using easy adjusting tool, we slide the carrier left to right up to 20mm adjustment each way. Once the glass is plumb and perfectly aligned with adjacent glass wall, use the combi tool to lock the front wedge into place. We then fix our gasket and complete installing our frameless glass balustrade system.

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We used straight frameless glass balustrades to install in this building here in Kent. This was to ensure that cost effectiveness was observed. We used these straight glass walls to even install frameless glass at the bended and curved parts of the building. We always use the best glass quality from Pilkington Glass. This skill again makes our clients like our services most because to purchase curved glass walls are much expensive and the usage is the same to that of straight ones. We enjoy serving our clients all the time.

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