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Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrade Kent

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Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrade Kent Suppliers

Everywhere we go around these days, we encounter with elegant and stylish glass balustrades. These glass balustrades can be installed in internal as well as in external premises. Glass balustrades add on elegance and value to private as well as commercial properties in Kent these days. Installing glass balustrades that are attractive and secure at the same time is what we do the best. The glass balustrades are installed by our skilled team who have knowledge and experience of it. They work until the design is flawless and our precious customer is pleased.

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stainless steel and glass balustrade Minster Ke

Why use Glass Balustrades for Balconies?

Balconies in Kent are now designed with modern patterns. Stunning frameless glass balconies are now a trend all over the areas. People are considering glass balconies as they have proved to provide a better view of the area, especially for large scale properties. Also, maximising the exposure to natural light and ventilation, etc. Glass balconies provide sophistication to the structure of a building and also benefits to design secure outdoor locations.

glassbalustradesMany ranges of Glass Balustrades.

 Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades have many other benefits over traditional wooden balustrades. Glass balustrades for balconies require minimalized maintenance as they can be cleaned by water only, or if you feel extra energetic someday you can clean it with an easily available window cleaner. The glass used in it is strong enough and is not shattered by stones or footballs just like the common glass used in windows or doors. There is a perfect option for customisation when dealing with us. You can brief us on your preferences and rest we’ll take care of it according to your budget. Initial cost and ongoing maintenance of glass balustrades are a cost-effective solution than the wooden balcony walls. We make it sure to finish the edges of the balustrades with rubber or stainless steel frame to avoid the chances of a person having cuts by it. Also, the glass balustrades are capped with a powder-coated finish. In short, we give our best to provide a secure and appealing solution to our valued customers.

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Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrade
Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrade
Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrades in Minster Kent

Our Products

Providing our customers a quality product is a surety. Our company is dealing with many different kinds of glass balustrades. Some of the products include frameless glass balustrades, semi-frameless glass balustrades, custom balustrade systems, post glass balustrade systems and many more! as you can see Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrades look awesome. We offer a heat-soaked service along with our most famous toughened glass balustrades which removes the potential risks of glass to break in any situation.

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Installation Process: 

Our company is proficient in providing classy looks of balconies to our customers according to their requirements. Our first most priority is to provide safety with a perfect and unique design for our clients. So for the installation process following steps are followed:

  1. Our installers visit your place to get insights into your requirements. Details about where and how you want the new frame to be installed.
  2. Our experts than suggest the glass balustrade suitable for your specified location and then they will estimate the total budget it will cost.
  3. After that, the glass is cut into specific designs and shapes according to your needs.
  4. Professional balustrade end posts are fitted in the holes which are made on the floor by our installers.
  5. Glass panels are inserted in the end posts are fixed with glass clamps for perfect protection.
  6. Wall flange is fitted with the wall for a perfect grip from the sides.
  7. Professional Balustrade Top rail is installed for the support of glass.
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Glass Installation

During the installation process, we conduct surveys and generate progress reports to keep our customers updated about the progress of our work and the estimated time left. Structural engineer reports are also generated to better evaluate the area. Professional equipment is used by our team to set up the glass balustrades for your balconies. Our skilled team does the testing of glass before they leave the customer’s place to make be sure about its stability. Thus, we make sure great-quality service is provided to our clients from the very start to the end of the project.

Professional and Elegant look is provided by our team to our valued clients. We work until our client is satisfied and contented.

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DAG Top tips

 Glass Manual Cleaning Procedure

First rinse the surface by spraying clean water from a spray bottle or jet wash. This is best done when the glass is in shade and is not being heated by direct sunlight. (Spraying tap water onto hot glass can create visible spots of mineral deposits from water evaporation). Start spraying the glass at the top of the window. Spray the water back and forth, working downwards towards the bottom of the window. This will flush the dirt away from the clean areas from top to bottom to ensure the entire surface is wetted out. By doing this the water flow should remove the bulk of the dirt from the glass surface.

Flood the surface with the spray-on cleaning solution or with a cloth saturated with the cleaning solution. Be generous with the amount of solution applied.

Rub the wetted surface gently with a clean, lint free towel or cloth.

Wipe until nearly dry with a dry, clean, lint-free towel or cloth. The use of a squeegee on the coated surface is not recommended. If it is absolutely necessary to use a squeegee then particular care must be taken to prevent any metal parts from contacting the coating or dirt particles becoming trapped under the blade and dragged across the coating.

Rinse liberally with clean „soft‟ water.

Wipe nearly dry with a dry, clean, lint free towel or cloth.

To prevent streaking, stop wiping when the glass is almost dry and there is still a uniform thin film of moisture left on the glass surface. This film will quickly evaporate leaving a clean surface.

When the coating has been cleaned with detergents it may need several days’ exposure to daylight to break down any detergent residue and become fully reactivated.

Spot Cleaning

Occasionally spot cleaning may be required to remove stubborn dirt, metal rub marks or foreign materials that can adhere to the resin surface. Spot cleaning products can be used to remove marks or residue from grease, oil, tape adhesive, and crayons or other waxy materials as well as paint and rub marks from plastics.

Recommended Spot Cleaning Products

  1. Soapy water
  2. Vinegar water
  3. Glass cleaner


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