Why choose DAG Inter Ltd for Glass Floor Panels in kent & London?

Thank you for visiting us. We are Experts in Glass Floor Panels for Kent and London areas. We have over 40+ years experience in the supply and installation of Glass Floor Panels. Any shape, any design. We love a challenge

Using our depth of experience we can assess from the first site survey the correct method of works that need to be undertaken. Access is the biggest disadvantage for the installation of any glass floor panels.

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Our structural glass floors comprise two or more glass sheets bonded together with one or several PVB or EVA interlayers.
All our glass floor panels are a laminated safety glass so in the event of an accident the glass remains bonded to the interlayer and will avoid the risk of injury. All our glass products comply with building regulations.
All floors should have an anti-slip top surface to provide slip resistance values when wet and dry.
However if it’s an internal roof light or glass floor solutions can be offered to ensure 100% of light transmitted through our glass panels.

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What types of glass floors are available?

The different types of glass floor panels available from the DAG Inter range are:

  • Standard Transparent
  • Opaque
  • Coloured
  • Printed with a Digital Image
  • Printed with a Ceramic Frit.

Where to use structural glass floor panels?

We have over 40 years’ experience in design and build of structural floor panels.
Glass floors panels can be used for stair treads or a floor panel. We can also use these glass floors for ceilings or roof lights.Our glass is designed to carry loads set out in BS 6399. Using transparent glass finishes allows light to entire below so this can create space and light.We will always use a black ceramic frit inside the glass to hide any steelwork that supports the glass panels. Dag Inter have launched their latest glass product Backlit Stone glass panels. We have now the choice of 30 stones images for glass floors. Have a look at this image amazing results. A backlit stone glass structural floor. Funky.

All our glass floor panels can be warranted by structural engineer calculations, we have the best engineer in the world. They are fab! Lovely people.

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We advise all our glass to be heat strengthen and not just a toughened safety glass. We ensure safety first at all times. DAG are also specialists in Glass balustrades so before you call us have a look at some off our recent installations. So many choices now, are you excited!

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