DAG Inter Ltd are the Supplier Of Coloured Glass Splashbacks Sittingbourne, Kent?

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DAG Inter Ltd have over 20 years’ experience in design and build of commercial and residential Coloured Glass Splashbacks Sittingbourne, Kent. We are the number 1 suppliers for Sittingbourne location.

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Our stunning coloured glass splashbacks are ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings, which will enable you to add a unique atmosphere to your home or office space.

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Coloured glass splashbacks Sittingbourne are made from clear or low iron glass that is painted from the back side and protected with a silver foil film. Often called “Back painted glass” it is viewed from the front side, or glaze side.

We only source Pilkingtons low iron to create all our coloured glass splashbacks sittingbourne as we feel these give the best clarity to compliment the vibrant colours.

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Our coloured glass splashbacks are widely used by architects, interior designers and builders in the Kent & London area due to its design versatility. Painted glass is a modern alternative to tiles and laminates in the world’s decorative glass and architectural industries.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks SittingbourneColoured glass splashback panels can be used in all applications where the vibrancy of coloured glass is combined with the performance of the safety glass. The safety glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. The end user enjoys all the benefits one would associate with glass. It is the best way to brighten any space. The glass has been tested to BS EN 6206/12600 Grade A safety standards.

Are you based in Sittingbourne, Kent and looking for an specialist supplier of coloured glass splashbacks for your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Look no further! As one of the leading backlit and coloured glass suppliers in Sittingbourne, Kent, DAG Inter Ltd can provide a range of glass splashback options to suit any project requirements.

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