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Our team has over 20 years’ experience in the design and supply of glass balustrades Maidstone and the wider Kent region.

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Whether the balustrades are for stairs, roof terraces, decking, balconies, internal walls, wall dividers or other areas, DAG Inter Ltd will design the perfect balustrade for you.

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That’s a challenge? Indoor or outdoor and regardless of budget, we have many solutions to any design. All our glass is supplied from the Plikington’s range.

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DAG Inter Ltd’s glass balustrades are manufactured from toughened or laminated safety glass and meet all building regulations. We have many brushed and satin stainless steel systems with stainless steel handrails or if you wish styles and systems including channel glazing and stand-off pig nose fittings for uninterrupted lines.

Where do we design, supply and install glass balustrades?

Glass Balustrades Maidstone

We have been working in the Maidstone and wider Kent area, but this year we have also gone international to work alongside architects and designers to take glass balustrades to the next level on visual design and client satisfaction. You are truly in the best and most experienced of hands! We only like to source pilkington’s products as we feel these give best clarity.

Are glass balustrades safe?

Glass Balustrades maidstone

Any glass forming part of a full height barrier that extends partly or totally below the minimum barrier height should withstand the appropriate infill design loads relating to the building occupancy and also conform to British standards.

Our favourite types off balustrades are frameless designs. Using laminated glass and base fixings such as channels or pig nose. All can be covered to create frameless looking-glass panels.

What type of glass balustrade can be used?

We can use many laminated glass options with a decorative interlayer to create stone images or a coloured design inside your glass. The interlayer is laminated between the glass panels. The choice is endless with our technologies for glass balustrades.

Many clients are now choosing frosted glass balustrades or balustrades with opaque designs.

Are you based in Maidstone, Kent and looking for an local supplier of glass balustrades for balconies, decking, stairs, roof terraces or maybe something a little different?

Look no further! As one of the leading glass suppliers in Maidstone, Kent, DAG Inter Ltd can provide a range of glass balustrades options to suit any project requirements.

To find out more on the types of decorative glass products available in Maidstone and surrounding Kent areas, please contact us today or call us on 01634 323769 or 0203 280 3031.