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Best Glass Installation services with DAG Inter Ltd 

Are you looking for the best Glass Installation in the UK? DAG is here to save the day for you. Our team of certified and experienced Glass Installers and operatives is the perfect choice to entrust your project to. We bag years of experience in Glass which is why we are able to comply with your requirements in an accurate manner.

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Bespoke material usage in the Installation of glass

Contrary to ill-skilled professionals, our Glass Installation team is very detail-oriented. Bad service is prohibited at DAG Inter which is why we use the only high-quality material. Our valued customers trust us so much that they prefer to leave their Glass project in our expert hands. We only use high-quality material provided by trusted suppliers such as Pilkington toughened glass. We are focused on quality of Installation from start till the end of the project.

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Proven expertise in Glass Installation

DAG Inter is recognized for its proven expertise in Glass Installation. By opting for our professional Glass Installation services, you will get a CERTASS registered job done for you.

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What Installation services we offer

Professional equipment:

DAG Inter provides a full-fledged package. In this service, we provide our own plant. Podiums, stepladders, towers, power tools, and tool boxes are provided by us with little extra charges. You can count on our power tools to be pat tested before they are brought to the site. Our certified PAT testing supervisor conducts these testing and approves tools for users. We have the following items in stock:

  • Cover plates
  • BT76 spring boxes
  • PT10/20 patch fittings
  • Coffin boxes
  • Glass packers
  • 3M Tape
  • Blue paper
  • Hammer fixings
  • Screws

Preemptive Glass Installation reports:

Before starting any Installation project, we conduct surveys and generate Progress and Constraints reports to keep you updated.

DAG Inter’s exclusive RAMS and O&M Installation services

Our Glass Installation services extend above and beyond the traditional Glass Installation services. Are you looking for someone to prepare RAMS and new O&M for your new project? All you have to do is get in touch with our team, place your queries and we will discuss the matter up to a solution with you.

Certified Glass professionals

In collaboration with an amazing Glass company, we are able to assist you with crane supervision and slinger working. More than 49% of our operatives are trained by advanced glass robots. Moreover, 95%of our operatives are holders of NVQ 2/3 certification for their field of trading. These include glaziers and carpenters.

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Check out the Glass mastery

Would you like to have a deeper look at what DAG Inter has to offer under Installation services? Check out our gallery and browse through other pages to find some impressive images of our previous Installation projects. Teamwork is our forte and client satisfaction is our top-most priority. If you have the required budget, we have the desired Glass team for you.

DAG Inter is determined to deliver bespoke  services at affordable rates. Call us today to book a survey, have a chat or to get a quote on Glass Installation. We would very much like to be of assistance for you.

Have you looked at our other pages showing all our glass installation projects. Some cool and amazing glass designs, If you have the budget we have the crew!

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