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Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent

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Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent experts!

Have a look on the top points with Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent

  • Glass balustrades are designed with horizontal or vertical sheets of glass. At present, utilized at the commercial level, you can easily find glass balustrades in reputed shopping centres and malls, letting light to flow freely and giving the site a feel of classiness.
  • For a contemporary design, why not use these glass balustrades for your home and line your staircases with balustrades prepared of glass? For more beautiful look, you can choose from frameless glass balustrades can be brilliantly simple, but they can be complex and beatifies as well. Using ice-covered glass with complex designs based exclusively on your own liking, you can add to your house beauty and complexity.

bespoke frameless glass balustrades in kent

  • These days, innovation in developed has made it very simple for glass to be prepared as a balustrade, even for your own house. These sorts of balustrades can be used for your staircases and landings. For better application, it would be fine to hire an expert.
  • If you are planning for the balustrades, you will require rails, panel clips, shoe mouldings, and glass panels. Selecting your glass panels is extremely important for you require choosing Plexiglas or toughened glass safety.
  • The shoe moulding gives the ground assist of the balustrade. Such mouldings can be made of special kinds of metal, but for additional foundation, aluminium is frequently used.


We offer many types of Frameless fittings such as base shoes (channels) or glass clamps. Our speciality is pignose bolts (boss) or Glass spigots.

frameless glass balustrade external balcony whitstable kentWe feel these give the best smooth frameless look for any design.  Ask one of the team for a sample.

Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent

Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades kent Suppliers!

Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent. DAG are becoming the leaders in the field of designing and supplying glass balustrades for the Uk & Kent market. We are the number 1 Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrade Kent suppliers!

Are you living in Kent and really adventurous to explore new materials for the purpose of design? If yes, you surely familiar about the fact that glass is slowly turning as one of the most looked after materials that remind a modern appeal as well as a touch of stylishness. Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent is no exclusion. Utilized as a railing for balconies, staircases, or terraces, a glass balustrade makes sure for better view and gives a sense of enthusiasm.

We only use Pilkington’s glass products as we feel there the best quality

Balustrades are designed to keep populace from ever falling off a staircase or even a balcony. With the help of glass balustrades, it is better to provide a good thrill of being unsupported. On the other hand, it boasts their views of the lower levels. In the past, balustrades were just made of wood or metal. Our staff are Experts in Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent.

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DAG Inter Ltd offers Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent services that are really affordable and easy to acquire. Surely, it promises for a good investment for your home’s design.

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Bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrades Kent

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