Glass Balustrade Stairs service in Gillingham Kent

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Glass Balustrade Stairs service in Gillingham Kent

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DAG Inter Ltd amazes another client yet again supplying Glass Balustrade Stairs in Gillingham Kent!

Recently, DAG Inter Ltd were contacted and hired to replace existing wooden balustrades for some modern Glass Balustrades stairs Gillingham, Medway Kent and as always, the job performed was perfect in every way. The replacement was made to design and install a new glass balustrade design to give a modern style and enhance the outlook of the staircase.

Glass Balustrade Stairs Service In Gillingham Kent

How the efficient glass balustrade stair process was carried out

To carry out the job, our glazing team members were selected who are experienced expert individuals trained in high end finishes to ensure the best possible result for our client. Before anything, a detailed inspection was carried out where measurements were taken to determine the correct exact shapes required to give the ultimate fresh look. After the inspection, the actual task was carried out where firstly the old wooden stair posts were safely removed without affecting any of the interface carpeting of the floor nearby. 10mm clear toughened glass was used with high end stainless steel glass clamps to give a neat finish and durable structural support. After securing the new glass balustrades, every inch of the glass was wiped and cleaned with glint and micro fiber cloth for a squeaky-clean finish. The results were amazing and one very happy client.

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DAG Inter Ltd proved we are the best Glass balustrade Stairs suppliers for any type of project.

The final look of the job done was in itself enough to prove why DAG Inter Ltd are clearly the best choice for such a work in the Medway Kent areas. The old look of the staircase was of traditional timber but we transformed it by removing all the vertical slats and repacking it with stainless steel glass clamps. All the designs offered by our team reflect the modern architecture and truly represent class and elegance. Have a look at some of our other install. The look of the staircase after the balustrades were removed was enhancing the whole interior of the house and immediately giving it a contemporary feel and allowing more light to transpire through the staircase. The work done, is assured for its reliability and durability and sure to stay in its place for many decades to come.

Glass Balustrade Stairs Service In Gillingham Kent

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Anyone looking to get a balustrade job done should straight away call DAG Inter ltd for their reliable and excellent services. The work done will not only appeal to the eye but will also 100% satisfy all your concerns regarding the job to avoid any complaints. It has a properly trained work team that assures every step of the process is guaranteed for perfection and flawless results. Daginter works with the motive of modernizing buildings and homes to reflect the progressive era that we live in. To try it out, call Daginter today and avail their most trusted services for a satisfying customer experience. Please feel free to check out all our customer reviews before contact us so you can be reassured we are the best out there.

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