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Professional Glass Balustrades Kent

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Professional Glass Balustrades

Welcome to the Professional Glass Balustrade company in Kent. Beautiful modern home is the desire for every one of us.

The use of Glass Balustrades on your stairs makes your home or office environment neat and modern. Internal framed Glass Balustrades they may be used on stairs for a number of reasons; to make your staircase look neat and modern and to allow light to flow through dark areas. The use of transparent Toughened Glass Panel on stairs enables light to illuminate spaces which are dark and in return reduce the sources of light in the stairwell. We have recently installed modern glass and mental balustrades in Kent. We are specialist at offering quality balustrades to help you achieve the beauty dream of house.

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Internal Professional Glass Balustrades

We sell a huge variety of Toughened safety balustrading glass and high-end fixings for projects. Our balustrades are available in different forms with options for glass and metal parts that can be used alongside on stairs and balconies. That’s right, side fixing instead of the traditional base fixing methods. Our glass balustrades are made in such a way that they fit the project requirements. This gives you a chance to create the desired stairwell that you’re looking for.

Bespoke Glass Balustrading in kent

It doesn’t matter which glass balustrade you chose from our recent balustrade in Kent, it is sure to enhance safety and security, giving you a completely clear view, not compromising with the quality or the performance. Any glass balustrade you choose from us will provide you with the beauty of your house and transparency to maximise the natural elegance of glass.

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For your high modern look of your house, we are specialist in making Professional Glass Balustrades with pure metal and glass. These parts offer complete solutions that are immediately recognisable because of their design, exceptional performance and good quality. Their brightness and visibility make them beautiful, and they decorate your house to an extent of welcoming your visitors. They act as the first impression to your visitors. However, these balustrades are designed in such a way that they are easily installed during construction to avoid breakage of glass parts and bending of metals.

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Please have a look at our recent video on YouTube video from the Maidstone installation.

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We used Stainless Steel 304 vertical posts and 304 handrails, using 12mm clear toughened safety glass in fils. Client was very happy and has continued to place order for other projects.

How to Contact us!
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