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Illuminated Stone Feature Walls London

Best Illuminated Stone Feature Walls London

Amazing Illuminated Stone Feature Walls london provide many choices.  The DAG Inter LTD has advanced its technology to meet its clients’ desires. This technology has brought up a very beautiful backlit stone feature wall in United Kingdom. We bring into attention the first most beautiful product of backlit stone  that is made of translucent stones. This feature wall make walls of your house look very beautiful with different colors of your choice. Every modern homeowner in United Kingdom now is going for the water proofed Illuminated stone feature walls London at DAG Inter LTD.  This product makes the walls shinning and attractive than ever before. Our architect designs 3D stone panels for you in such a way that light follows the design. That design again shows light the way to follow forming ornamental effect which is very attractive.

Best Backlit Stone Glass
Backlit Stone Wall Panels in KENT & LONDON

The backlit stone feature walls are made up from man made resins with the appearance of Crystaline finish . These resins are very beautiful and attractive when lit from behind.  Resin  stone are known to be durable and colourful. The light rays glow through the stone feature wall producing a luxurious look which is very attractive to your visitors.  These Illuminated stone feature wall London can be used at all corners to illuminate your house. Also these backlit stone feature walls can be used in offices and all special rooms. They can make any building beautiful and attractive as you can see.

Amazing Backlit Stone feature Wall Supplier

The DAG Inter LTD is Number 1 supplier of the best beautiful backlit stone feature wall. We make sure that our customers are served according to their desires. For all those who are looking for backlit stone feature wall, DAG Inter LTD is the only company in United Kingdom to help you. Our team will feed you with the right information to make you choose the Best Illuminated Stone feature walls London product. Our team helps our customer have the most beautiful and colourful stones which are durable and look luxurious.

You can turn any space or environment into the wow factor. Back-lit stone adds value.

Also we offer installation services and we believe we are the best at it. If not DAG Inter LTD, who else?

Best Backlit Stone Glass
illuminated stone feature walls london

Benefits of Installing Backlit Stone Feature Wall

We as DAG Inter LTD, all what we supply to our clients is of great use and have outstanding benefits to the user. Backlit stone feature walls came as a result of advancement of the modern technology. This makes our customers have a sense of feeling modernized for installing these backlit stone walls in their houses. With the backlit stone wall at the corners of your house, you don’t need to hug any other source of light. The light coming from feature wall will be enough to lighting up those corners. Backlit stone wall makes house look beautiful. It lights up the wall with different colors of your choice. It can be red, green, warm white or any other color of interest. Illuminated stone feature walls are water proofed. So all the risk associated with the dumping of walls are not experienced.

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Backlit Stone Wall Panels in KENT & LONDON

Installation Process of Backlit Walls

Our teams of experts are best at installing backlit stone feature wall at your house or any other building that you may prefer. DAG Inter LTD has the best quality of backlit stones that are available and ready designed to be installed. Once our clients order our backlit stones, we immediately respond by assessing the house that need to be installed, for measurements. This gives our team enough information of what is required. After taking measurements of the house, they design each module equipping them with luminaries that have LED lighting source. This ensures that the installation process and maintenance will be easy. They then place each stone panel to the walls direct to the LED light source to illuminate the stone from the back. All the stone panels are fixed tight to give the illumination to the house as you can see in the figure below.

Everyone who has seen the backlit stone walls installed by our team will always admire such house. They do their installation work with the seriousness it deserves. Our prices for purchasing and installing are very friendly. This makes our customers to come back again and again for the same product among others hence keeping DAG Inter LTD at the top in supplying and installing backlit stone feature wall in United Kingdom.

Do you want to know which stone is the most beautiful and attraction when it’s lit from back? Visit DAG Inter LTD and our knowledgeable team experts will explain all you need to know. Get the right information first before making any purchase. DAG Inter LTD is the number 1 supplier of Illuminated Stone feature walls London. Come and try our services. DAG Inter LTD takes care of his customers and enjoys serving you. Welcome all.


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