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White Satin Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Medway

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DAG Inter renovated a client’s house using White Satin Glass kitchen Splashbacks!

Installation of a White Satin Glass kitchen Splashbacks in the Rochester Medway area.

Our super Hot White Satin Glass Kitchen Glass Splashbacks strike again. DAG Inter was contacted by a private residential client, recently, who contacted us for the design and build of a white 3.5m kitchen Splashback in Rochester. Our client base is growing each year in the Medway, Rochester areas. Medway towns are easy for us, as some of our installation teams live in these areas. Our team of experienced professionals handled this particular job quite impressively because of which the client was very pleased. They gave an amazing review on all our social media sites.


White satin glass kitchen splashback


Our White Satin Glass kitchen Splashbacks are perfect to maintain the hygiene standards in modern houses and it adds value. So easy to clean. We love this product.

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How the immaculate installation of the White Satin Glass Kitchen Splashback was carried out?

After communicating with the client who was based in Rochester Medway, Dag Inter’s team quickly identified the requirements of the task and acted immediately to reach the house. Upon reaching the site, our team cleaned the target area which provided a clearer representation of the site. We took the measurements and checked the surface for any bumps or grooves. A 10mm sheet of Satin glass was measured and carefully cut out for installation of Kitchen White Satin Glass Splashback. Our team decided to use 10mm low iron toughened satin glass, which is actually a beautiful cloudy frosted finish, for the accomplishment of this project. It was a no brainer for the team. The glass come from the Pilkington range of glass to ensure the best quality finish for our products. A layer of white paint was coated on the back of the low iron satin glass to give a white matt look experience.


white satin glass kitchen splashback


The white coloured glass sheet was cleaned of any dust or paint stains after which it was firmly held onto the wall with high end mirror adhesives. To give the frameless look.

From taking measurements and painting of glass to fixing the glass in place and adding final finishing, DAG Inter’s team was extremely careful and diligent at each step of the way.

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The stunning White Satin Finish of the Kitchen Glass Splashback!

Our team picked the most elegant back painted white satin glass to do the job. The intricate design and white painted back enhanced the elegance of client’s modern-styled house.

white satin glass splashbacks


The matt white finish of the splendid Kitchen Glass Splashback was a sight to behold. All the edges were keenly finished and there were no signs of poor satin finish on any part of the glass. Adding to the vibrancy of the client’s modern kitchen, our Kitchen White Satin Glass Splashback truly enhanced the grandeur of the house.

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DAG Inter’s White Satin Glass Kitchen Splashbacks are perfect for maintaining the style and hygiene of all the modern houses. Because of their matt finish and numerous benefits, you may want to give them a try.

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